About Mallorca Catering - Executive Chef Mallorca
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About Mallorca Catering

Passionate, Experienced, Creative


About Mallorca Catering

My Philosophy


If you want to know about Mallorca Catering. I need to share my philosophy with you.


A real passionate chef is driven not only by food. But by the detail, imagination, and excellence that he brings to each dish. Each menu I create comes from the heart. It reflects who I am, not only as a chef but also as a person.


For 22 years, I have been on a continuous, journey of discovery.


I have worked with amazing people. I have listened to their stories, wishes, and desires. Then translated these into mouth-watering dishes and delicious desserts.


Simply put, I love great food.


My motivation is to create a variety of tastes and textures that bring the taste buds to life. Sitting around a table, to relax, share good food, wine, conversation, and laughter. Our most intimate moments and memories have connections with food and its culture.


Sourcing the freshest, local Mallorquin produce and embracing each season’s offerings. I aim to bring a fusion of flavour, flair, and artistry to the table. I push to delight both hosts and guests alike.


Your Special Event


My inspiration is to make your event – unforgettable.


I want to create a delightful and unique experience that is memorable for you and your guests.


For something a little more informal, we offer our popular traditional Hog Roast. Succulent, tender, and juicy; whatever the season, whatever the weather. This hearty meal is a satisfying option and always a winner!


I was born in the UK. After many years of travelling through Europe, I decided to settle on the beautiful island of Mallorca. I felt inspired to start my company, Mallorca Catering.


I am fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals assisting me – both in and out of the kitchen. My team ensures that the service at each event is of the highest level. The attention to detail is second to none.


About Mallorca Catering Extra Services


Always mindful that our clients may have extra requirements. We work in partnership with trusted professionals throughout the island. Their services range from floristry, photography, music, to entertainment. Also, a full bar service, including cocktails, is available if required.


Please contact us if you have any special requests or want to know more about Mallorca Catering. We will endeavour to meet your every need.


Over the years, I have created hundreds of different menus. My food is without a doubt as unique as the clients. I am currently planning this seasons’ suggestions. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your requirements. Together we can turn your dream day into a reality.


So, for now, sit back, relax, and let the good times begin.


Jerry Whitehouse
Specialist Catering and Events in Mallorca since 1999
Mallorca Catering