BBQ In Mallorca

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BBQ In Mallorca

BBQ In Mallorca


A BBQ in Mallorca or a delicious grill can give your guests the ultimate welcome party. Or if you want your guests to leave with lasting food memories. You could arrange to have a BBQ or grill the day after your event.


Or perhaps you want to have a party with friends. It is a fantastic way to make the most of the warm spring, sultry summer temperatures, or the warm autumn nights.


The Best BBQ in Mallorca


Mallorca Catering has everything you need to surprise and delight your guests. Whatever your budget or occasion, a BBQ is truly delicious. Our professional team can work with you to create a freshly prepared self-indulgent BBQ or grill menu to tantalise the tastebuds. It is an informal party that everybody can enjoy.


The Perfect Informal Party


Our Executive chef, Jerry, has years of experience in creating the best BBQ in Mallorca. You can lick your lips after eating our perfectly cooked meat, poultry and fish. Even our side salads pack a punch and are the perfect accompaniments.


If you are looking for a BBQ in Mallorca that will tick all your boxes, look no further. Contact us directly to arrange a BBQ or grill for your next party.

Please note that the price depends on the number of guests attending the BBQ or grill. Please provide the set amount of guests in your group when you make your enquiry.


BBQ Or Grill in Mallorca – The Details


  • Delicious BBQ & Grill menus
  • Side dishes included
  • Executive Chef for the day & assistant(s)
  • All cooking & serving ware included
  • Buffet table service
  • Drinks service available
  • Table & “chill out” area rental options


Together we can turn your dream party into a reality. So, for now, you can sit back;
relax and let the good times begin…


  • Jerry Whitehouse
Specialist Catering and Events in Mallorca since 1999
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