Planning A Mallorca Wedding

Plan A Wedding In Mallorca: 3 Tips To Create The Best Day Ever


Mallorca is a beautiful island paradise. It’s the perfect place for a wedding with around 300 days of sunshine every year and a chic, vibrant vibe. You can have a wedding of a lifetime that everybody will remember. However, if you want to plan a wedding in Mallorca, it can be challenging if you don’t know the local area. So, to give you some support, here are three tips to help you plan your Mallorca wedding. Read on to find out what you need to do to create a stress-free day.

Planning A Mallorca WeddingTip #1 Use The Services Of A Local Wedding planner


When you first start planning a wedding, it can be exciting in the beginning. But as the big day gets closer, you can sometimes go into a panic. If you forget only one little thing, it could affect the whole layout of your wedding. Imagine forgetting the table decorations or mixing up the colour scheme.

Eliminate Stress Using Local Knowledge

Using the services of a local wedding planner can take this potential stress away. A wedding planner has helped loads of potential brides (and bridegrooms, let’s not forget them!) create the most beautiful wedding day. It’s their unique skillset, and they know what they are doing.

When problems arise, a local wedding planner can spring into action to help you.

So when your day finally arrives, you can be super excited instead of worrying about local problems. You know that the wedding planner will have arranged everything for you. So you can relax and soak up the positive vibes and sun on your wedding day.

Also, with companies like Mallorca Catering, you can have a free wedding planner to help when you book your wedding catering with them.

Tip #2 Book The Best Event Catering On The Island


What do the guests remember about a wedding? Your dress, the location, and the food! If you can get all three right, your wedding will be a fantastic success.

When you use the services of a professional wedding caterer, you have more control over what you and your guests will eat. Instead of eating what is at the venue, you can carefully select what you want. So if you want a dish that means something to you and your future husband, you can arrange it with the caterer.

Your Choice of Food to Wow Your Wedding Guests

At Mallorca Catering, executive chef Jerry spends quality time with brides-to-be and meets to discuss what dishes they prefer. The menu also considers the local and international food options, so you can have food that fits perfectly with all your guests’ tastes.

Tip #3 Pick From A List Of Official Wedding venues


As mentioned earlier, the location is a crucial part of your wedding. The right place, with an incredible backdrop, can help you create stunning wedding photos. Also, your wedding guests will feel relaxed and happy, witnessing your marriage vows in a beautiful venue.

Incredible beaches, magical mountains, and rolling countryside are all on offer.

So, if you have a particular theme in mind for your wedding, you can do it in Mallorca. Everything is possible; you don’t have to limit yourself. You can go all-out glam or keep it a simple affair. The choice is entirely yours. Also, you will already be on a beautiful island, ready for your honeymoon to begin straight after the wedding.

Magical Locations All Over the Island

If you decide to have a wedding in Mallorca, the island will spoil you. It has everything that you could want in a wedding location. A local wedding planner or local wedding caterer can share with you all the available options. You might be getting married in Mallorca, but you can still have an English theme if you prefer.

In Conclusion


There are more people starting to plan a wedding in Mallorca, than ever before. You can pretty much guarantee a bright, sunny day for you and your guests to share your romantic partnership. A local wedding planner and caterer can help keep everything on track, so everything runs smoothly. You can also use their local knowledge to find out the best wedding venues, so your day is picture-perfect. Get in touch with Mallorca Catering right now to receive the best local advice and make your island wedding a reality!


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