Wedding Celebrations By Mallorca Catering

When we decided to start preparations for our wedding celebrations, we both knew we were going to have a big formal wedding with pre and post-wedding celebrations. Tom (now my husband) is a businessman. He has business all over Europe, mostly a corporate circle of friends. Of course, we have some close friends too. But there was a long list of formal friends that we have, and we couldn’t ignore it. I am an artist, and I also have a small but particular kind of friend list. Our guests were coming from around the world.

Tom proposed to me at a formal charity dinner in London. He bent down on one knee in front of all his business associates and proposed to me officially, and I said yes!!!!

“The two wedding celebrations ended up being more memorable than my big day!”

Wedding Celebrations In Mallorca

So we had decided on a classic style formal destination wedding in Mallorca. The amazing weather, historic architecture, and picture-postcard settings are the perfect ingredients that are essential for a destination wedding. The prospect of saying our vows in front of our families, relatives, friends, and colleagues on the magical island of Mallorca, was something we both had wanted for a long time.

For an unforgettable wedding, we had so many issues to deal with, such as the wedding gown, music, wedding photography, floral arrangements, etc. One of the most significant tasks to deal with was the food and catering for our wedding. The guest list composed of people from all over the world. They all have different taste buds, so this was was the biggest issue. We had booked a luxurious and impressive Finca for our wedding ceremony and reception, and they had their catering team on site.

Pre And Post Wedding Celebrations

Tom and I planned to organise a pre-wedding party before our wedding day, as part of our wedding celebrations. So our guests could have an informal introduction between both the families and friends. After the wedding, we decided to throw a pool party to say thank you to all the guests after making such long journeys to share and witness our marriage. The Fincas onsite caterers were not available to assist us with catering for these additional days.

Tom’s close friend Eric told us about Mallorca Catering. Eric had previously attended one of their events, and his confidence encouraged us to hire Jerry and his fantastic crew for our pre and post-wedding celebrations.

Meeting Mallorca Catering

When we met with the team at Mallorca Catering. I quickly realised that they were so much better than the Fincas own caterer. But because of the Fincas policy of only using their staff, we were unable to hire Jerry and his team for our Wedding and Reception day catering.

Wedding Celebrations with Mallorca Catering

Team Jerry, as we now call them, were so professional in how they approached every aspect of the catering and the way they dealt with us. The discussions about the detailing of the food and arrangements for the music, chill out furniture, and entertainment was just superb.

Even the food testing session was tempting; both of us were challenged by what to choose and what not. Finally, for the pre-wedding party, we selected a BBQ style arrangement. We also decided on Paella (one of the most famous and delicious dishes in Spanish cuisine) for the post-wedding pool party.

BBQ Pre-Wedding Party

My! My! What a tremendous pre-wedding party we had, Mallorca Catering organised a fantastic party. From the welcoming, happy staff, to the music and entertainment, everything was on point! And even now a year after, my dad still talks about the food… best food I’ve ever had from any caterer. It was so mouthwatering and well presented. Fantastic BBQ environment with delicious Spanish tapas to start. Absolutely everyone enjoyed the experience, the atmosphere, and the incredible cocktails, and the party was above and beyond our expectations.

We had such high expectations for our wedding day, the canapés, the meal, the location, and our big day. Unfortunately, the food was not quite up to the mark. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t terrible. But some of the food wasn’t even hot. Also, vegetarians received canapés that contained meat! The day was amazing, the guests all had a great time, and the location was stunning. But I will always remain with the one regret that we couldn’t choose Mallorca Catering for our big day, and only because of the Fincas in-house policy.

Paella Post-Wedding Pool Party

Thankfully, the next day (with quite a few sore heads), we had our pool party. It was our chance to thank everyone for coming and being a part of our big wedding celebration. Mallorca Catering was so amazing and soon the Fincas wedding day food was forgotten. Our pool party celebration was simply out of the world. It felt like we got more than what we paid for. Mallorca Catering proved that it is not just the food that makes a party truly memorable. In short, the food was excellent, just like the venue, the music, the entertainment, and not forgetting the professionalism of Team Jerry.

Wedding Celebrations with a pool party

The main food item for our pool party was Paella, served traditionally. We chose three different types and had an abundance of side dishes.  This Spanish dish was perfect, no wonder the Spanish consider it as one of the most enjoyable.

Throughout the pool party, our guests kept talking about the food, and as long as they were happy, we were delighted, too, top marks to Mallorca Catering.

First Class Review

Whenever we meet up with colleagues and friends, we reminisce about our wedding celebrations. It is these two events that people talk about most of our wedding celebrations. Thank you, Team Jerry, of Mallorca Catering for the professionalism, teamwork, management, and party arrangements. They were super classic and elegant with all the essential touches that made our wedding celebrations a blast!

We were and still are so happy with their services and food. We would love to recommend others to enjoy the fantastic catering services by Team Jerry. You should know that Mallorca Catering has become our official caterers for every corporate event organised by Tom’s company.

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