Wedding In Mallorca – A Fairy Tale That Became Reality

Wedding in Mallorca – My Story:

The story of my wedding in Mallorca. The day after becoming engaged to Alex.  I was thinking about everything to get organised for our wedding. It was totally up to me from the very first day because Alex is an army officer and is often working away from home. I had eight months to plan everything from my bridal dress to the wedding venue, the floristry to the catering, and the wedding decorations to the reception party.

“When you don’t know what to expect – prepare for the unexpected.”

A Wedding in Mallorca With Spanish Vibes

We wanted a wedding with all the Spanish vibes and grace, in the place where we first met, a beautiful heavenly location, the island of Mallorca, in itself a fairy tale. Mallorca is a destination that offers a variety of settings for any dream wedding. Whether it is a hilltop church with mesmerising views or barefoot in the sand – nothing is impossible there. This incredible Island destination for our wedding was the only thing I was clear about. All the other details were blurred and unclear.

I searched around on the internet for a wedding planner to help me, so many companies offering their services. But who can you really trust? I thought it wasn’t easy to arrange a wedding in Mallorca. I rang one of my best friends for advice as I remembered that she had attended a wedding in Mallorca some years before. She reassured me and said, don’t worry, I will get the details of the people who made her cousin’s wedding day dreams come true. Two phone calls later and BOOM! I was in contact with them on the telephone. We emailed, and I arranged to meet up with Jerry & his team. I am so grateful to Sarah for recommending me to the best possible wedding planner and catering services by Mallorca Catering.

First Meeting Experience for our wedding in Mallorca:

When I first met Jerry & his team, I was nervous and yet excited at the same time. Once I started interacting with them, they made me realise very quickly that I just needed to relax and share my dream wedding ideas with them. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about anything. But I just wanted a fantastic memorable day for both of us, our families, and friends. I was astonished at their approach and how they covered every aspect and left no stone unturned.

It felt like a dream come true. I was feeding off their experience and ideas; they included every aspect of what I desired. From the venue decorations, flowers, transport, and drinks to the officiant, the live music and DJ, the children’s entertainment, and even the cutlery, crockery, linen, glasses, and seating arrangements, they had proper planning for everything.

Budget Issues:

I knew we would have a large wedding. So, I needed to be restrictive with my choices. But Mallorca Catering fitted perfectly within my wedding budget. They were delightful to work with, responsive, and flexible. They knew what was needed and they certainly delivered it!

My Biggest Concern:

From the very first meeting, I could breathe a sigh of relief. Jerry & his team were terrific, and I admired their sense of creativity, dedication, and passion; they are true professionals. In the food tasting session, I was blown away by the authenticity of the dishes. The perfect use of artistic skills in food decor, and the variety of delicious cuisines. It was tough for us to select from all food options as all of them were outstanding. Taste, presentation, cleanliness, and variety every aspect of excellence were there.

A Planner Can Help With A Wedding In Mallorca

No matter how fantastic your wedding arrangements are, how beautiful the decoration at the venue is, or how beautiful the music and environment are, hungry guests can drag your wedding down. As their energy level gets down, the overall feel of your wedding also declines. We both knew with the services of our Wedding Planner, this was not going to be an issue. Mallorca Catering became my companions for the whole journey.

Wedding In Mallorca – Venue, and Catering:

With Jerry’s help, we chose a beautiful venue. It was stunning. There were several outdoor areas and a lovely courtyard. We wanted everything to look so natural, flowing, and with an inspiring touch of class and elegance. For the wedding meal, we had a choice of “family style” sharing platters or a more relaxed buffet-style menu option or to have a sit-down plated meal service, which was more formal. We chose the “family style” sharing patters, and they fitted perfectly. I guess what you want is dependent upon your budget, venue, and style of wedding.

Mallorca Catering promise to deliver their best and the best part is that they give you different wedding plans. If you have your own ideas, they will follow all the instructions and details provided to them, but if you have any confusion or are looking for some inspiration, then believe in them.

My Dream Wedding:

Time simply flies. It was surprising at how fast the eight months flew by. But I need not have worried as Jerry & his team worked on every major and minor detail so perfectly. With all of their contacts and local knowledge, everything just came together without any drama!

I had a breathtaking, beautiful mountain view, the perfect backdrop for my wedding ceremony. The decorations were fantastic, and the wild floral arrangements had such vibrant colours. All of the flowers were outstanding, and nothing was out of style. They did a phenomenal job from beginning to end. All of my guests complimented their professionalism, the prestigious venue, and above all, the delicious and tempting food.

Mallorca Catering is the wedding specialist to deal with. No detail is too big or small, they helped with every aspect of our wedding. We cannot thank them enough. Even Alex was astonished to see their commitment, dedication, and on-time services with a real feel of professionalism. I would highly recommend Mallorca Catering because they do know how to make your dreams come true. I could not have asked for more.

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